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Learning that you need a root canal can make you feel apprehensive, but there’s no need to worry. Root canal therapy doesn’t cause discomfort, it provides lasting relief. The endodontic specialists at Tribeca Dental Studio in New York City offer a full scope of tooth-preserving endodontic treatments, including painless, one-hour root canal therapy. If you’re ready to put an end to persistent tooth pain, call Tribeca Dental Studio or book online today.

Endodontics Q & A

What’s endodontic dentistry?

Endodontics is the dental specialty that treats or manages any infection, condition, or problem that affects the soft tissues and structures inside your teeth.

As one of the most commonly performed endodontic treatments, root canal therapy addresses painful inflammation and infection within a tooth’s soft interior.

Apart from providing complete and lasting relief from acute tooth pain and sensitivity, the main goal of root canal therapy is to preserve your natural tooth and avoid unnecessary extraction.

Endodontic dentistry also includes several specialized surgical procedures. Endodontic surgery can be done to preserve a tooth that can’t be saved with traditional root canal therapy. It can also be performed to address severe dental trauma or unexplained intermittent tooth pain.

Why would I need a root canal?

Untreated dental cavities are the most common precursor to an eventual root canal. That’s because an untreated cavity in your enamel can spread deeper into your tooth and infect its soft inner tissues (pulp). Root canal therapy is the only way to treat an infection once it’s reached these inner structures.

Common signs and symptoms of a deep tooth infection include:

  • Ongoing sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Throbbing or radiating tooth pain
  • Tenderness or pain when touched
  • Swollen gums in the affected area
  • Tooth discoloration or darkening

If you have any of these symptoms, especially if they persist, call Tribeca Dental Studio for an urgent care appointment as soon as possible.

What’s root canal therapy like?

Contrary to the popular misconception that endodontic care is uncomfortable or even grueling, root canal therapy is a quick, painless procedure that’s very similar to having a cavity removed and filled.

Before your treatment begins, your endodontist at Tribeca Dental Studio numbs the area with a local anesthetic. Once you’re comfortable, they make a small opening on the biting surface of your tooth, remove the infected pulp, clean and shape the tooth’s interior, fill the empty space, and seal it closed.

Tribeca Dental Studio has a pediatric endodontist who provides specialized care for a child’s unique endodontic needs. In cases where a child has insufficient enamel and their tooth has decayed to the point of needing a root canal before the root is fully developed, they can save the affected tooth by forcing it to close its roots before performing root canal therapy.

To learn more about any of the endodontic dental services at Tribeca Dental Studio, call their New York City office or schedule an appointment online today.