What Causes White Spots on My Teeth and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

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Americans spend a considerable amount of time and money fighting back against yellowing and stained teeth through whitening, but what about those white spots that can also affect your smile? White spots not only represent a cosmetic concern, they’re also precursors to tooth decay.

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If white spots have developed on your teeth, here’s a look at the potential causes and how we can get rid of them.

White on white

There are several reasons why your teeth may develop white spots that are different from the natural color of your teeth, including:


This condition is common among children and occurs when kids ingest too much fluoride as their permanent teeth come in. New teeth are sensitive as they get ready to emerge, and if they’re exposed to too much fluoride, it can lead to telltale white spots on the surface of their teeth once they appear. This exposure to fluoride often comes from toothpaste, rinses, and even the water your child drinks. 

Enamel hypoplasia

This condition also affects children and occurs when your child’s enamel doesn’t form properly. Like fluorosis, these white spots typically develop as a child’s permanent teeth are getting ready to erupt.

When braces come off

If you or your child has worn braces for some time, you know that cleaning your teeth presents a few challenges, which are obvious once the braces come off. It’s to be expected that your teeth may look a little worse for the wear after spending time in braces. But in addition to the staining, you may also develop white spots, which are early signs of tooth decay.

Getting even

If you or your child has white spots, the good news is that we have an innovative technology that stops any decay and restores a more even appearance to your teeth — the Icon® resin infiltration system.

Traditionally, the only way to get rid of white spots was to remove them with a drill and then fill in the area. While effective, the process was invasive and time-consuming.

With the Icon system, we scrub away the damaged layer of enamel and apply a resin that penetrates and fills in the area where the white spot is. We then use a special light to cure the resin, and once it’s dry, we polish the surface to reveal even white teeth. This treatment not only eliminates the white spots, but it also stops any further decay. 

We can perform this procedure in less than an hour, leaving you to maintain the pearly whites through regular cleaning and whitening as needed.

If you’d like to eliminate white spots on your teeth quickly and easily, contact us at 332-225-0689 to set up an appointment. Book as soon as possible before the calendar year ends so you don’t miss out on this year’s dental benefits.

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